YASMINESTYLE | 5 things NOT to say during interviews
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5 things NOT to say during interviews


5 Things you must NOT say during interviews:
Getting an interview is the first step towards getting the job offer from a company, and of course the first step is ALWAYS the hardest!! Therefore, lets eliminate these common mistakes in our first big step towards getting our dream job:

1. “What does the company do”
As a candidate, knowing what the company does is considered your homework! The best way to learn about the company is spend a decent amount of time on their website. A company’s website usually includes all the information you need. If you ask the interviewer “WHAT DOES YOUR COMPANY DO?”, it would mean that you did not do your research, and you must not have cared enough about the position! Therefore, research the company beforehand and look for website, reviews, stock market information, etc.

2. “I Want to start my own business”
Even though wanting to start your own business eventually might be a great choice for you, there is a reason you are interviewing at the company and not running your business at the moment. This may be a possibility for you in the future, however, when interviewing at a company it would be in your own best interest to keep that information confidential. The employer may not feel safe to hire a candidate that may use training materials, information, database, etc for their own business. Also, they may feel that they would be training a competitor and therefore seek other candidates.

3. “I need X amount salary” It is better to negotiate the salary at a later time…perhaps once you are 100% on their interest in giving you the offer. If you have been referred by a recruiter, they can also be helpful in salary negotiations. Being too picky and showing no flexibility on salary might look like you do not believe in your own abilities to work hard and show the company how valuable you can be to the company. In other words, you may not seem passionate enough about the position.

4. ” I only have 30 mins for this interview” If you have accepted to attend an interview, then you must make the arrangements in advance in order to have ample amount of time for the interview. mentioning how much time YOU have, may come across as rude or not appreciative of the interviewer’s time. Employers are busy as well, and you must show appreciation for the time they have taken to conduct the interview.

5. Asking “HOW am I doing?”
Do not ask the interview how you are doing during your interview or even at the very end! You must look for clues and pay attention as to how the interviewer will end the interview or what type of questions he will ask you…and you will have your answer! Asking “how you are doing” simply shows that you are not confident in yourself and your own capabilities. In order to find out “how you are doing”, see if the interviewer will ask you about how long of a notice you need to give your other job, when can you start, any positive points made on your previous experience being similar to the position, etc.

Stay tuned for more tips!! BEST OF LUCK

Yasmine Style

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