YASMINESTYLE | 3 Easy, simple HairStyles to try!!
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3 Easy, simple HairStyles to try!!

Hi Everyone!!

I always look for different ways to try new looks and not end up looking the same all the time! Lets face it! We all get bored of having the exact same hairstyle everyday! Having said that….Im not really a morning person and if I can take a few more minutes to sleep each morning instead of spending it on getting ready I will!! lol

So lets get started on these 3 simple and easy hairstyles that will help you look different and well put together within minutes!!

1. Side Pony Tail- I adore this hairstyle specially when planning on going out with friends or going on a date after work or school! The braid, the curls and the statement earring gives this look a fabulous romantic look!

2. The Easiest Fish Tail Braid, Dress it up or Down depending on the occasion and mood! Just Follow the video, it will take a minute!

3. Chic Bun! Try something other than the sock bun! This is a very chic look and all you would need is your favourite pair of shades, and some lipstick!

I hope you enjoy this video, and please tell me what are your easy and simple ways to do your hair when you are in a rush and in need of trying a new hairstyle!

Thanks for watching!

Yasmine <3


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