YASMINESTYLE | DIY Natural & Easy to Make Hair Mask!
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DIY Natural & Easy to Make Hair Mask!

Hi Everyone,

Our hair needs a good moisturizing mask just like our skin! There are many factors that can be damaging to our hair such as using hot tools ( Hair Dryers, Curling & Flat Irons, etc) or Environmental factors such as sun, lack of moisture, temperature changes, etc.

I specially LOVE this hair mask as it includes the vitamins, protein & moisturizing ingredients that our hair needs!! Also, the fact that it only requires 3 ingredients that we usually have at home does not hurt!!

All you need for this hydrating mask is:

1. Avocado ( which is full of vitamins and over 20 essential nutrients)

2. Egg White ( Protein)

3. Honey ( Extremely moisturizing and will help bind everything together)

I also have my own way of applying the mask to the hair which is simple, clean and easy to wash afterwards! This way also helps get the mask all over your hair evenly! Use a hair comb and apply the mask to the comb! then comb your hair!! This way nothing will be wasted either and you will use all of the paste you made!

For more details watch the video I created below that will show you step by step, how I go about making this mask and the results I get from using it at least once a week!!

I hope you enjoy this video,



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