YASMINESTYLE | How to pick the right Jumpsuit?
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How to pick the right Jumpsuit?

We all love a good easy 1 piece Jumpsuit. It’s elegant, chic & easy to style. However, it is not so simple to find the right romper/jumpsuit that look great, fits perfectly & is not too distracting. I always say a GOOD romper is a valuable gem! Its is hard to find but when you do, you can wear it forever & love it for a long long time.

romper jumpsuit yasminestyle

Here are some tips on how to find the ideal romper/jumpsuit:

  1. Look for a romper that is not too busy; because rompers are one piece (top & bottom), the print is very important when picking the right romper. A romper that is too busy (crazy wild pattern or too busy of a print) is too distracting & takes away from the beauty and simplicity of the romper. Look for a gorgeous solid color that complements you skin tone, your hair & your overall look. Wearing a romper can be a great way to accentuate your curves, so for example an animal print romper might take away the attention from the appealing parts of the body.
  2. Go with a Soft Fabric: Fabric is extremely important when picking the right romper. The fabric should be soft and drapes around the body. It should not be too fitted or too loose either. Soft fabrics like cotton are usually a good fit.
  3. Easy to wear & take off: The good thing about wearing a romper is how easy it is to put on a 1 pc and be out the door. Make sure you wear rompers that are easy to put on, comfortable while you have it on & easy to take off. At the end of the day comfort is important & you do not want to feel stuck in a 1 pc clingy pc of fabric.
  4. ┬áDon’t over Accessorize: since a romper is already a big statement pc, you do not want to go with too many accessories as it can become overwhelming
  5. last but not least: Buy the right length! Rompers come in a variety of shapes & sizes so all women can look fabulous in the right romper. No matter what size or body shape we can all look & feel the best in the right romper.

romper jumpsuit yasminestyle

romper jumpsuit yasminestyle romper jumpsuit yasminestyle

romper jumpsuit yasminestyle fashion

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