YASMINESTYLE | How to write a “THANK YOU” email after an Interview
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How to write a “THANK YOU” email after an Interview


Hi Everyone!

As a recruiter, I have been involved with various companies of different sizes/industries! I have seen many candidates that have the right skill set ending up NOT getting hired for many reasons!

One of the main reasons (that this post is about) can help in standing out from the crowd!

One of the most important reasons why a candidate would finally get THE JOB OFFER, is not just having the skilllset! But it is showing an incredible amount of interest in the job! (In other words showing some personality and that you are VERY interested)

One of the mistakes some candidates make, is forgetting to send a “Thank You” Emil following an interview! A “Thank You” email is extremely important in the overall decision making process as it confirms YOUR interest and excitement over this new position/company. It can also be indicative of your attention to detail, your ability to learn or may other things that can be mention in that short email that you would send to the employer!

For instance, in the email you can:

-pin point and identify a few simple but crucial details the position entails

-Show appreciate for the company culture you observed

-re-confirm your interest for the values, mission & vision of the company


AND PLEASE DO NOT FORGET to get the business card of the person whom you have had the interview with! This way you will have NO EXCUSE for not sending the “Thank You” email directly to the interviewer/interviewers!

A simple “Thank you” email :

1. Would include appreciation for the time spent for the interview

2. appreciation of the position/company

3. reminder of why YOU would be a great fit for the position

4. details you observed that may help in the overall decision making!!!

5. It would show some personality and show how you really are as a person first!! not just as a candidate or employee!


I really hope this information helps!! I would be glad to answer any questions you may have!! just comment below!! <3


Yasmine Style


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