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New Favorits of Month of AUGUST!

Here are my favorite products of the month of August!

1. CHANEL compact!! This is an amazing product for re-touching during the day or at night when the weather is hot and re-touching is a MUST!! It goes on beautifully and blends very well with the rest of the makeup! Even though it is light, it gives an amazing coverage and is very natural looking which is exactly what I look for in a compact to carry around with me!!

2. LUSH Facial Moisturizer: This happens to continuously be a favorite for the beginning of the summer as skin hydration becomes a must! Although when it comes to moisturizers I always go for products with SPF in order to protect the skin against harmful UV radiation, this LUSH moisturizing was something else!! It is a handmade product with natural ingredients such as Vanilla, Almond Oil, Almond Milk, with a hint of fresh orchid extract! It is definitely helpful for sensitive skin, prevents moisture loss and keeps skin calm!! It also feels so incredibly soothing on the skin! I definitely love and do not be surprise to see it on my favorites list next month as well!! I specially love the natural ingredients!!

3. MAC Prep + Prime : This is probably the best highlighter I have tried, as it blends in beautifully and does not look cakey or heavy at all! This product covers dark circles like no other!! It gives amazing coverage and still manages to leave a fresh natural finish!

4. DIOR Lip Maximiser: I have been using this product for a very long time, however, I recently started using it religiously and I seriously have seen a difference in the appearance of my lips as they have become fuller! This is not a product I would use to restore moisture to the lips, as I use Lip Fusion Lip Palms for that! However, This is what I apply after using Lip Balm and before putting on the final lipstick!! Try using this combination and you will certainly see a huge difference in the appearance of your lips! First apply a hydrating lip balm, wait a few seconds, apply the DIOR lip maximizer, After a minute apply your lipstick with a lip brush!!

5. DIOR Gel Nail Top Coat: This is a top coat I use right after applying the nail polish and it literally gives it the most beautiful and clean finish, while it lasts for over a week without chipping. You do not need anything else other than your nail polish remover to remove this top coat!

6. SHISEIDO Foundation Brush: If you are looking to get many compliments on your skin as it looks natural and smooth after you have applied your foundation, definitely check out this angled brush from Shiseido! This has worked better than the beauty blender for me personally! This is a fantastic product to use if you are looking for a perfect brush to blend your makeup beautifully!

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