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September Favorites <3

Hey cuties !

So, I love doing monthly favourites and this month I have A LOT to talk about !!! <3

1 – The First product that really stands up this month was Rejuvenating Serum recommended by my dermatologist  Dr. Elham Jafari from Amoderm! I go there for Microdermabrasions and this month I decided to get this serum from them which has Ceramide, Vitamin A, C & E. This is by far the best, most natural rejuvenating serum I have used ( and believe me I have tried quiet a few.. ). It is made of Grape Seed, Orange Blossom & Cucumber Extract! What I LOVED about this serum was that it was not sticky and it has a great feel to it…. It also smells very natural (no unnecessary scents or perfumes added). Plus, it’s formulated to replace day cream, night cream & wrinkle cream!! SO NO NEED to invest in many serums when you can have ALL in ONE! YAYY!!

It comes in 55 individual capsules! So all you need to do is twist or cut the capsule tip and voilaaa!!

Simple and easy to use, natural & All in ONE! That is how I can describe this month’s favourite serum and I predict that it will continue to be a favourite of mine for many months to come! <3

image1 (1)


So this is a mask Hollywood celebrities use before attending a major event as it leaves a great youthful glow on the skin!

I LOVED this Mud Mask as it was a great exfoliator and left me with a really youthful radiant Glow! It also brightens, smoothes and tightens the skin! All you need to do is apply to Face and neck, let it dry and wash off while exfoliating your skin! I would however give this an 8 out of 10 as it dries up pretty quickly and the green leaves inside could have been cut to smaller pieces so that applying it on the skin would have been much easier. But overall, great find and will be buying it again!!

image2 (1)


This is a fantastic way to give yourself a fabulous sun-kissed look!! This Baked Bronzer comes with a brush and has a nice container so you can easily place it in your clutch for a night out!! You can apply this to your face, neck, shoulders, arm and even legs for a great natural yet glowing tan!! Easy to use, LOVE the color and the glowing long-lasting results! will be buying again and will give this a 10/10!!!


4- MAC Prolongwear Lipstick in Positively Dashing!

I was looking for a lipstick with a great color for fall with LONG LASTING results as I was pretty tired of re-applying lipstick in public 😛 (YES ..I am that girl …LOL ) !

So I have to say, this lipstick really stays on for 8-12 hours… love the color for fall especially for warm undertones.



So this is what I would like to call ” A Gift From Heaven” for long hair! We all know having healthy looking long hair requires a lot of maintenance as it gets tangled or easily breaks if not well taken care of!

This brush is designed by a hair stylist who felt the need to design this innovative tool that painlessly and easily removes tangles and knots as it styles and dries hair! As we know, Wet hair is more prone to breaking and getting damaged by using a harsh brush! This brush truly minimizes breakage, damage & splitting! You have to try it for yourself to see the difference it makes!! The only issue I have with it is that I wish it came in something other than plastic as I am not generally a big fan of anything in plastic ( I always look for alternatives ).

All in all, it is a great find and worth a try!



I have to be honest, this has been a favourite of mine for a long time! But I thought It is worth a mention in this month’s favourites as it personally used this on most day of september. This is a last plumping serum and it makes any mascara 10 times better! just apply it to lashes before applying your mascara and see the difference!! <3


7- Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara

I got this as a sample with purchase of other products from Estee Lauder! ( I was totally unaware of its existence! LOL)

I have to say I will definitely be going back to get the full size as it was unbelievably good! truthfully, I am always looking for mascaras that are ALL in ONE … and give length, volume and everything else 😛 Also with this mascara you can apply and re-apply to heart’s content without having clumpy lashes !!






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