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Work Out Routine

Hi Everyone!

Working out can be exhausting, overwhelming or even boring at times!! I know I used to do ANYTHING I can just to avoid going to the gym!! However, once you figure out a work out plan that works best for you and is enjoyable, it makes it easier to stick with it!! For me, It took a few years to figure out what I like and can stick with and what kind of work outs really make me exhausted very quickly & I wouldnt be looking forward to!! 😛

Today I am sharing one of my workouts that I do on a regular basis & have been very consistent with as I enjoy the process as well!!

Let me know what kind of work outs you like most or CANT STAND!!

My work out routine:

I usually try to go for a hike when I get the chance, I love spending time in the nature..breathing fresh air, listening to music, enjoying the beautiful weather and getting a great work out. I usually have my #FitBit on to count the number of steps during the hike and it usually ends up being around 15,000 steps! Hiking is not boring for me & I truly enjoy it ? 

Check out this video below 

_I absolutely LOVE the spin class! There is something about working out in a group with loud music that takes your mind off of everything else & allows you to focus on your work out while having fun adjusting your speed/gear to the music!! It totally makes it much more fun!! All you need to do is get on the spin bike & enjoy the ride!


(Practicing my inner Beyonce ^^ haha ! )






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